Fair and transparent

FAIR gives you the time to focus on your business, instead of worrying about your administration. At the start of our collaboration, we explain what we are going to do and look for the best package for you. This way, you understand our processes and you can put your administration in our hands, with a peace of mind.

Fair is a social enterprise

By working with FAIR you not only make your administration a lot easier, you also contribute to the reintegration of a vulnerable group of people.

FAIR is a social enterprise of ‘stichting Dignita’. Stichting Dignita is an organisation that offers training programs and support to a vulnerable target group. In this way, stichting Dignita helps these people to become more resilient while they reintegrate into the labor market and society. This is made possible by the social enterprises of stichting Dignita. In the Netherlands we have four brunch restaurants under the name Dignita and the administration office Fair.

FAIR has included an administration module in the training program. The administration office offers work experience places for the participants in the training program, so that they can move on to a paid job in this sector.

For more information, visit the website www.wearenotforsale.nl